Parenting a young child can be an amazing and rewarding experience. But, let's face can also be stressful, exhausting, difficult, and just plain confusing! In the midst of work, home responsibilities, and constantly being 'on the go, ' parents of young children often find it hard to be consistent and effective. Many just feel burnt out. But there is hope...and there are amazingly simple tools families with young children can use to feel calm, secure, and confident. Early childhood expert Christine Kyriakakos Martin has worked with parents of young children for over 40 years. As the owner of a preschool and an education consultant, Christine has assisted countless parents in understanding the complex and significant facets of a young child's development in an approachable and straightforward way. She's helped parents go from feeling over-scheduled and overwhelmed to empowered and excited about seeing their young children grow and develop.

Christine knows that so many parents struggle with balancing their daily lives, feeling guilt about not spending enough time with their children, and not feeling confident that they're giving their children enough to be successful. But, as Christine shows in this research-based but practical guide, there are incredibly simple ways for parents to reclaim their confidence, spend more quality time with their children, prepare their children for future success in school, and feel more peaceful throughout their daily lives.

Christine has identified the topics that most confound and confuse parents, including:

- Tackling busy schedules
- Maintaining consistent routines
- Handling challenging behaviors
- Choosing extracurricular activities
- Fostering positive sibling relationships
- Cutting down on whining
- Developing early academic skills

Christine shows readers why each topic is essential for a child's development, followed by simple strategies that families can immediately implement to see progress in these areas. Christine even shows parents how "less is more" and "simple is better" in many areas of child development.

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“This book provides a practical hands on approach to parenting and behavioral modification for today’s generation parents. In its presentation and content, it is both parent friendly—providing concise, real world examples, and readily applicable tips, and child friendly by providing behavioral modification advice that is supportive, and educational while maintaining the child’s self esteem.”

Eric Patrusky, D.O., FAAP

Private Pediatrician, Sarasota, FL

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical Sciences

Florida State University College of Medicine

“Christine Martin has lovingly collected, polished, and condensed the ‘best solutions and tips’ for every aspect of early childhood parenting. This brilliant digest is a fantastic ‘easy reference’ for parents. You’ll want to take it with you everywhere!”

Nicole Dreiske


How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart,

Literate and Emotionally Intelligent. (HCI Books: 2018)

“Every parent seeks support as they travel the journey of child rearing, as if challenges are unique to them.  Ms. Martin provides that support by helping us know that while we can expect those bumps in the journey, through the wisdom and patience of others, that journey can become smoother.  A must read for parents.”

Evans Tsoules, EdD


“This book is a “must have” for anyone with young children in their lives. Drawing on her extensive experiences with young children and knowledge of child development, Christine Martin provides the reader with thoughtful dialogue on child rearing issues, and practical suggestions on how to raise children with appreciation , respect and confidence.”

Patricia White

Early Childhood Principal

Ashland Public Schools

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